Label Name change

Hi All

I have changed Dimension lable name to specific names. But these changes are restricated to General ledger module only. How can I make these lable names change effect for all modules?



Have you done the changes at EDT level???

Hi Kranthi

What is EDT level? Could you please explain… I am new to this environment.

We changed through “Tools-label editor”



Are you talking about the financial dimensions (like Department, Cost centre) on the dimension tab as you find them on the forms vendtable, inventtable, … ? For this you can find the EDTs in the AOT under Data Dictionary / Extended Data Types and then search for EDT ‘Dimension’, ‘DimensionAlocation’, ‘DimensionCriteria’, ‘DimensionExtCodeId’, ‘DimensionLedgerJournal’, ‘DimensionPriority’ (I’m not completely sure there aren’t more). De label for ‘Department’ is found as a property for the EDT’s itself. The other dimensions can by found by expanding the node Array elements. Create a new label in your project’s label file for each dimension you want to have a name change for, and then use these new labels instead of the standard sys-label that is refered to in the EDT’s properties. You should not make any adaptations in any sys-label. Also look into making new labels for the help -texts and other labels that might be used as properties as you work through the different EDT’s that need to be updated.

Or are you talking about the item dimensions (Color, Size, Warehouse, …)? Labels for Size, Color and Configuration can be changed easily. Go to Inventory management / Setup / Dimensions / Dimension groups. For the dimensions listed in the top grid you have a ‘Rename’ tab, from where you can rename these dimensions.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Krista… Will try this sure



I changed label of “Department” dimension to “Employee” through following steps.

1 - Go to “Tools → Development Tools → Label → Label Editor” .

2 - Enter “@SYS850” in “Find What”.

3 - Select “In-language” that you have set in “Tools → Options → Language” in “General” Tab. (in my case it is EN-US)

4 - Click on “Find now”.

5 - Change Label and Description from “Department” to “Employee” and save.

Now it displays “Employee” in place of “Department” dimension in everywhere.


Hi Ravinder,

Modifying system labels are not best practice. For example if you install a SP on top, that might over ride your label changes.

Not for financial dimensions. It’s commonplace, and designed to be renamed. Here is an AX 4.0 article from Microsoft. I believe during the initial config, you’re given the option to rename too.