Label in russian


I have a strange situation.

When I create text variable in report and write text in Russian rather this ‘Лист’ in print layout I have this ‘╕╤чь’?

I will be waiting for your comments and advices.

Try this -

  1. Insted of using text constants use Labels from View → Labels.

Thank you for your answer. But if I use Labels insted text constants in print layout I get this ‘ėčńņ’.


Just to add my experience, I had worked in a project were client uses 4 languages to print a report, English, German, Dutch, French. There I experienced that label was not that much of full proof solution. I replaced all the labels with text constants and it worked as a charm.

Thank’s for reponse. But I still fill counfused why form me don’t work text constants.
When you did this 4 languges report, all this languages was in your Nav languages list?

Remember that the older versions of NAV are not unicode. That means for some language its very important import them using the correct ASCII code. Windows of the client should use the language code natively. At least that’s how it works when using the Danish special characters.

I have never heard that using text lables in reports should help with this problem in any way.