Label files missing

hi all

i sucessfully installed ax2012

i just ran standard chart of accounts report which is available by default in ax2012,am able to see the records but the label files r missing it shows the id values like Labels@sys 4578 etc

anyone pls help me… thanx in advance :slight_smile:

HI Arun ,

Just restart the Dynamcis AX services . It is for re-indexing the .ali files…

Still you are facing the same problem, check label data once…



Hi Arun,

Try using these steps…

  1. Stop AOS
  2. Delete .ali files (or move these files to some other location for safe keeping)
  3. And restart AOS. Now AOS will re-generate label files.

hi jagadish,

thanx for ur reply,

i restarted my services, after tat also same status only

is there anyway to copy a label files ???

or any other way to solve this???

hi Chaitanya

i tried your solution its not worked :frowning:

Hi Arun,

Please check the license file, and make sure that license file is correctly synchronized with labels.

hi Vishal,

i re imported the license file its synchronized correctly…


only for ssrs reports only its showing label id values,

not for any other menus

HI Arun,

try this ,

In ssrs report designer , properties window , select the template ,–>with fields & labels…