Label editor search simple question!


Everytime i tried to search for any label like “Sequence Number” i wrote it and wait for 30 seconds to 1 min to find out all the results for any label contains “Sequence Number” text, like this label (A number sequence code is required for both Expense reports and Cash advance requests.) and it really consumed my time.

All i want is to show only a results for “Sequence Number”, i tried to type in search Sequence Number but it didnt work, so can you tell me please what is the correct symbol to do that.

Thanks Alot!

Hi Noob,

Try to use regular expression in your search. For example for all labels starting with ‘Sequence’, you can use ‘^Sequence’ (NOTE - all without quotes).

FYI - ^ is called a caret.

Also I find regular maintenance of application (deleting .aoi, .ali files and rebuilding them etc) makes such operations quicker.


Nice one i tried it and it works.

Thanks Harish [;)]