Krishi Kalyan Link available but no download

Microsoft has released the krishi Kalyan objects for NAV 2013 , 2013 R2, but there is no download available in there.

Below is the link for reference.

Hi Manish,
Works fine for me. Could it be a permission problem? Using the wrong partnersource account?

Hi Erik,
Options available are,
On this page:
Reference Information
Important Notice to Customers
Important Notice to Partners
Support Information
Linguistic Quality Feedback
We can download other patch’s or Hot fixes, but not specific this one.

Download for NAV 2013 R2 is available just checked.
But for NAV 2013 its still not available.

Admit the download for R2 was a bit “hidden” in plain sight (first line).
And couldn’t find the link for the NON R2 version of it.

It’s quite a few years since I worked with the Indian version of NAV. Looks like the Indian tax’ing is still as crazy as it used to be in the previous NAV versions? Haven’t they improved the localization at all? Remember they used to come with tax updates almost weekly (that’s how we felt it)…

But still the Patch has issues,
KKCessAmount variable does not exists.
In Table 16743 & 16474 are having issue.

An update,
Microsoft have released KKC patch for NAV 2016 -…/microsoft-dynamics-nav-2016-india.html