Kodak OLE

When attempting to use the Kodak objects the expression “KodakApp.Visible:=TRUE;” will not compile. checking the CAL symbol menu properties KodakApp the property “visible” is not available. The same statement XLApp.visible:=True; works fine

Hi, you are working with Automation Objects, that means function libraries that are Navision independent, but can be included in Navision. Each of these Automation object has different functionality, different properties and methods. The KodakApp obviously does not have the Visible Property, as the symbol menu indicates, XLApp (which is the Excel Automation Library) has this property… The symbol menu can help a lot with these objects… Saludos Nils

If you press the f(x) function button and select the variable you have used for the OCX or Automation. You can browse all the Properties and Methods available and the required data types. In versions on Navision before attain it was not always possible to access all the datatype as navision did not have an match, but now navision has a Variant type which can hold anything. To get full control you may need to write an interface between Navision and the Object. Paul Baxter

Does anyone know what command to use with the Kodak object to make a picture visible on the screen? In other words what commnad is a substitute for the “Visible” command? thanks

As far as I recall, Kodak object has no window component of its own, and it needs to use an existing hWnd handle to show a picture. Since Navision has no handles, you can only write a “wrapper” ocx that will have a window class and will pass through your parameters to a Kodak object. Alex