Knowledge Management

hi, i would like to know about Knowledge Management Module in Axapta. How to start, proceed & the pros & cons of it. Also what are the prerequisites modules to be setup for setting up the KM module. Is it implemented anywhere. Pls, any small information is also welcome. with regards Vaibhav Pednekar

Hi, Axapta does not have a ‘Knowledge Management module’ - but there is a series of modules that prior to version 3.0 was named ‘Knowledge Management’ (from 3.0 and onwards, it’s part of the HRM-series). The Knowledge Management Series consists of: - Questionnaire (designing, publishing and exevuting questionnaires - like measuring employee or customer satisfaction) - Business Process Management (action management for checklists and best practices) - Balanced Scorecard (performance management - defining Key Performance Indicators and displaying results as ‘analogmeters’. Can be used to analyze data from Axapta and external systems) Let me know what part of the Knowledge Management series you had in mind :o) Regards, H. Jaeger Aston Naviteam A/S

Thank Jaeger, But Axapta 3.0 is going to be released in January 2003 in India. so i am working on Axapta 2.5 in which KM is different module. I am working on it, i need guidence for how to work with it, where to start & what is the flow that i should follow. Cause if some client asks for demo i should be prepared with some demo data. that is what i am trying to do. Can u guide/help me. with best regards vaibhav

The only difference between 2.5 and 3.0 is the naming (more or less). In 2.5 there is a module-series (consisting of the 3 modules listed in my previous reply) called Knowledge Management. I don’t know a specific ‘Knowledge Management module’. If it is a standard module, it should be one from my list - let me know which one, and I’ll see if I can help you. If you’re not sure which mosule you’re working with, let me know what you’re trying to accomplish - and I’ll see if I can help you from there Regards, H. Jaeger

hi Questionnarie is separate it consists of 1.Questionnarie 2. Planned Answer session 3. User rights Knowledge Management 1. Balance Scorecard 2. Business Process Management 3. Archiving 4. Network this is as per Axapta 2.5 with SP3 i hope that now u can guide me . with best regards vaibhav