Knowledge Management - Microsoft Share Point

Has anyone evaluated or is using Microsoft Share Point ? ######

Navision’s User Portal Solution is based on MS Share Point Portal which provides one-point access to information. Eg. Your mail(internet/other),Navision Data etc. Share Point Portal also allows you to personalize your view of the information. *If you install UP which is quite easy and has all required S/w available in CD, you can better experience/explore the same. Regards

Does Microsoft Share Point offers most of the features that Lotus Notes offers for managing/sharing documents ? ######

MS Share Point doesn’t have the features in Lotus Notes managing/sharing documents as the purpose itself is different. Share Point is used to assimilate various kinds of info. at one place for easy access.(I don’t know the limits of what’s possible and what’s not?) Regards

Actually, Navision’s User Portal is based off of the Microsoft Digital Dashboard. 2 years ago, this was the technology to have and that’s what Navision’s crack development staff utilized. Since then, the Digital Dashboard has been incorporated into the Sharepoint Portal. Sure the idea is the same through the utilization of Web Parts that access the navision database, but to say that there is a direct link between User Portal and Sharepoint Portal would not be accurate. The Digital Dashboard is the one thing that allows customization from a user perspective

we use sharepoint server for three reasons: internal: intranet solution, for knowledgesharing, discussion groups, etc. projects: for each project a sharpoint environment exists in which the project is managed: FO, TO, discussions, documents, etc. and at last in combination with navision, for example for project webconnectors, service webconnectors, etc…

We use Sharepoint for internal knowledge management and document control. We find it very useful![:)]

We also use Sharepoint internally and externally. And we are in the process of implementing Sharelock - a very interesting solution, that allows any data from Navision to be posted and edited in Sharepoint. Unfortunately [:)] this isn’t our own solution, but one done by german company ITIS AG