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Does nyone know, if there are more information available on a specific ID inside a Cumulative update.

For example, in NAV 2015 CU6 (Build 40459) there is an ID named 364413 which relates to an issue in job WIP, and it specifies that codeunit 1000 has been changed.

I realize that I can compare the codeunit to the old codeunit, and find the differences.

But, my question is: Are there any more information available about ID 364413 than what I can see on the page describing 2015 CU6?

Hi Lars,
Typically that’s the only information available. But checking “the delta” is always a good exercise anyway, when upgrading. [:)]

I just tried to check Microsoft Connect. But that only contains a small number of the things that becomes part of a release, and nothing about Job WIP the last 3 years.

This is a subject where Microsoft really could do some improvements. With most other systems I work with their “release information” is much better. Just think about Windows. Each new build contains lots of detailed information.

My question was more general :slight_smile: the actual issue was an example.

Are there more information available on an issue - like the one mentioned above - than I can find in the table listing the fixes in a CU?

I was being general. [:)]

And I just downloaded the latest NAV 2016 CU7 (as I needed it for another project). Here the CU hotfix-exe file includes both a ZIP-file, and an Application folder. The application folder again contains an NAV.9.0.45834.DK.AccumulatedChangeLog.txt file, where all the actual changes are shown.