Know the Page created from a table

I am a fresh learner of Dynamics Navision. I got a problem here. I need to the page no created from a table.

Suppose a page Customer List is created from a table Customer. If suppose we dont know which page is created from the table customer, how would we know about that.

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Open the RTC click on Customer List page click on About the page

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There is no setup/data to know this in standard NAV as per my knowledge.

you can export all pages and search for SourceTable=Table18; (for customer table)

or you can check Object Manager add on’s to identify where used objects

The Customer list page was just example. what if i dont know which page, then its not good thing to check on every page. i want to know the page from the table name.

where to type SourceTable=Table18; dude

can u explain me little further since i am new to dynamics

You need to export all your pages as txt file in your PC and search in that txt file

Isnt there any other professional style than this,

Then you need some addon’ for this

You can see this video for how to use

Download trail version here