Kitting in NAV

Hey Guys,

What is the real functionality behind kitting in NAV 5.0?

1.) If you have an “Assembled Item” which you create by “purchasing” the components to make that item, but you actually sell the Assembled Item" would the cost of the components roll up into the master item via kitting? How would that work if you’re FIFO Accounting, Warehousing, and Inventory? ]

2.) How would the Quantity of sub components purchased that are the BOM of an item effect that Master items inventory count and quantity?

3.) If you have a “KIT” within a “KIT” do those component / sub sub component costs roll up into the finished good?

4.) Does it have to depend on how you purchase products?


To answer your general question, Kitting was implemented using the code and tables from Production BOMS, but with some of the logic and concept of Assembly BOMs. Whilst a good implementation, it still has the feeling of not being fully finished. SO the quesiton is if it will making into W1 as is, or if it will be fine tuned before international release.

When you create a BOM, it is either a Production BOM or a Kit BOM, I would prefere an option “BOM Type”::Production,Both,Kit so that we could hae mixed environments where companies could partially manufacture items and then use kitting for final assembly. (Yes this can be done in the current system, but its not ideal).

So basically the questions you ask are very pertinent to how kits were implemented.

If you set up a few kit boms, it will be pretty easy to test the scenarios you are asking about and see if they will do what you need, and in the testing you will discover a number of other issues not obvious at first glance.

I hope this helps.


Yes, thanks this does help a bit. I think my company liked the idea of using this implementation so much that they did not consider propper construction of their BOM processes. As for the mod itself, I definitely believe it needs some more fine tuning before international release, mainly on the Production BOM side. Some sort of Assembly BOM programming would be very nice indeed as a lot of companies have gone that way.

I would like to set up a test scenario for this to answer my own questions but the problem is that I don’t have any free resources right now, and everything in our system has been heavily tailored so I’m not sure what out of the box 5.0 would be like with kitting, and if I create the whole thing from scratch I’ll have a lot of setups to do… maybe its not a bad idea to do that now so that for future test purposes I have an OOBN database. I’ll have to find time some how to do it though.

Thanks again.

Yes I would really recommend doing all your tests on an out of the box database. It will pay off in the long term.