Kitting functions setup


Can anyone share the set ups necessary for kitting implementation ?

Download the Kitting documentation from PartnerSource.


You mean this one?

Looks like the same one. There have probably been some revisions, but maybe not.

Hi Matt,

Thanks, but being a newbie, I need more of an overview.

Eg: How do I proceed to inventory setup, K-BOm No Series Setup etc

Hi all,

Correct me if I am wrong.

Think we can search for it in Help> Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help> Input Keywords in Search> Setting Up Kitting Parameters

  1. Display Sales Order, Invoices, Shipment (Sales & Marketing> SetUp> Kitting Tab)
  2. Display in Picking(WareHouse> SetUp> Inventory SetUp> Kitting> Numbering & Kitting Tab)
  3. SetUp No Series (Financial Management> Inventory> SetUp> Kitting Tab)
  4. Individual Item Kit No, Disassembly No. (Item Card> Kitting Tab)
    NOTE: Please know EXACTYLE before unchecked Automatic Build Kit BOM & Roll-up Kit Pricing in Item Card

There’s somewhere I saw about Get Shipment/ Invoice, is there such a function?
If YES, can I know where to find them ?

Don’t remember but check in sales invoice ->Function menu or Credit Memo form.

Think is

Sales Invoice> Functions> Get Shipment Lines