Kits - Shipment Receipts

Is there a standard report available to use when receiving items to go into kits? Perhaps I just need to filter a report that is currentoly available.

I wrote this post a while back and got no respone. Is there no one out there who has some suggestions on how to handle kits? I could REALLY use some insight.

When we recive items in on a PO let’s say we get in qty 10 of item ABC. Of those 10, 3 are to go into general stock to be sold to outside customers. The other 7 are designated to be used in a kit. We store the 3 stock items in one location and the items to go into a kit will go to another location. What I need is a report for the man in our warehouse to know to take 3 and put one place and put the other 7 in another place. Right now all he knows is we received a total of 10, and he will put all of them into the location to be sold to outside customers.

What I would like is to run a report after everything has been received into stock. The warehouse manger could then run this report that will show items received today that are allocated to kits.

Any suggestions?


I did see your question last time and left it in case someone else had a good answer. Maybe after you read my best guess below, you can clarify with your business logic.

I don’t understand how you know that 7 are “designated” to go into a kit. If they are designated because the kits are on sales lines, you could write a report that takes all items that were received, match that to items that exist as part of kits and then match those kits to items on sales lines.

The relationship would be [Purch. Rcpt. Line] type and No.->[Production BOM Line] type and No. that will relate to [Production BOM Header] by matching the [Production BOM No.] to No. then the Header will relate to the item by the kitting no on the item and the item can link to the [Sales Line]

A lot of that can be made simpler with some well placed flow fields.