"Kits" in Navision

I am a new user and am trying to determine how to handle what I call “kits”. My definition of “kits” is best illustrated by using a furniture store example. You can buy a table, several chairs, and maybe a hutch as individual items, or, you can purchase all the pieces as a “dining room suite”. Usually there is one price for buying the whole group - and it is usually less money than if you bought all pieces individually. The Sales Order/Invoice would show a line defining the “suite” with the price. Then there would be individual lines shown for each of the components - table, chairs, hutch with no pricing on the individual lines. This is very common in the furniture industry and a lot of software packages handle this very well. My company sells grass seed - usually by the bag. Sometimes we blend several bags of different varieties together to create a “custom blend”. For example, let’s say we are blending 4 different seed varities together to create 8 bags of blended seed. To keep it simple, let’s say we are using equal parts - therefore we are 2 bags of variety as input to create the 8 bags of blended product. We also negotiate a special price for doing. We want the Sales Order/Invoice to show only that special price. The first line should be for the “blended item” and show the price. The next 4 lines should simply list each of the components (2 bags each) that went into the blend. My example is similar to the furniture store selling the suite - at least I think it is. Does anyone know how I might accomplish this. Is there an Add-on granule available to do this. Thanks for any help.

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