kit sales line permission

Our process involves jobs and resource module of NAV. In the process we create sales invoices from the job planning lines. upon doing so, the planning lines transferred to the sales invoices are updated and the “transferred” field is checked. Then if we delete the lines in the sales invoices created, the “transferred” field in the planning lines will just be unchecked. However, we encounter this error. “You don’ have kit sales line permission”. what does this mean? how are we going to remedy this issue.

We came across this months ago and we found this was due to the way the new kitting procees has been incorporated into Nav and the only way around this was to have our license changed to include this functionality.

Is that the only remedy possible? to change the license to include such functionality? another is that as i have checked in the net, the kitting granule includes only 1 object and that is code unit 25001. such object is not affected when the process is being run. why is it necessary to have that code unit?

thanks! :smiley: