Anyone there to answer my queries regarding cost of an item posted in BOM journal.

Why the cost of an item posted in BOM journal will not appeared in each card?

Thus, when the items sold there were no COGS account since the unit cost was zero “0”.

Please advice.

This is not BOM journal specific - costing related data on Item Cards are all approximate or even zero

Have you ever run ACIE batch job? It updates costing data, and NO, it does NOT take info from ItemCard, data are taken from ItemLedger, to be precise, from ILE ValueEntries, where all direct and indirect COGS related amounts are accumulated.

Check this thread, I answered there similar question and added other links.

Hi Ivans

Yes, thank you for your advice as well as it was effective when I run ACIE.

I have clarification why the unit cost will not appeared automatically on item card?

Is it we run ACIE every time since the price of raw materials will fluctuate from time to time.

Please advice.

ACIE (and Post Inv cost to GL, if Automatic Cost Posting is not checked in Inventory setup) batch jobs must be run on regular basis, otherwise your COGS data will be incorrect both in Item & General ledgers.

Regarding regularity - that depends on your system. Minimum is once per accounting (reporting) period. If you prepare monthly trial balances, then run them at least once at the end of every month to keep the balances correct. That will do, if transaction count is small during that month. However, if transaction count is high, you may need to run those batchjobs every night - otherwise it may take very long time to complete.