Kill Idle Navision Automatically

hi, do any of you ever create a function or what ever to kill idle navision ?

for example, every user idle for more than 10 minutes or 20 minutes,it will be killed

could you share with me here?


Try this…

Create a Report on Session Table. Filter the recoreds ( Idle Time > 20 minutes ) and delete them. Execute the report on NAS.

Please search the forum to find more details.


NAVISION doen’t have own functionality to kill idle users.You need to customize your application managment code unit


Jerome Marshal.J


just find the difference between Loged in time and current time,if you feel the difference is too much you can kill the user.


Jerome Marshal.J

This could potentially kill a user’s session that is in the middle of a posting or other transaction. Also you do not want to use “Idle TIme” for something like this. The value to use is “Last Batch”. This is the last time the connection interacted with the server. Calculate the time between this and current time. That’s how long it’s been since the user did anything.

Also don’t make your “Kill” time too short. Do you really want to be “killing” sessions after 10 minutes? A user could easily get hung up on a phone call (or another app) for that long.


Yes as babrown said.Time difference between login time and current time will not give you the idle time of a particular user.even though there is an virtual table called session.In this table navision maitain idle time for each user.based on that also you can kill the user.


Jerome Marshal.J

ow okay … thanks a lot all

but I think i will use stored procedure from sql server

for saving user session too :slight_smile:


i am new to this navision environment , and here i want to know about how to set this idletime > 20 minutes in navision coding,when

iam writing like this


it displays an error conversion is not possible duration:=text;

soory for asking silly question.

Thanks in advance

format of SETFILTER is


Thank U

Thank u