Kicked Out [:o)]

One of our client is having a problem with navision. He is having Navision 2.60F version. And on one of the system the user is getting kicked off from Navision (Only Navision) after being Idle for sometime. Does anybody have any idea about this. all suggestions are welcome

Hi 2.60 Navision does crash if the PC goes into sleep mode. Is that the problem, either turn sleep mode off the computer then all should be well. If it is on a laptop then plug it in as a laptop will often go to sleep in 2mins if not plugged in but 30mins when plugged in. Paul Baxter

It sounds more like the TCP/IP settings on the server. You may have the connection disconnecting after some period of time. If this is happening on ALL workstations, then this is probably the reason. The default on NT/2000 is to not have a default time out, so some one would have to have done this deliberately. Most commonly this is used in conjunction with Citrix.

This is happening only on one system. Rest all the systems are working fine.

In case of Disconnecting, try a PING to your Navision server. If it fails something with the local network is wrong. I had this problem with a local fax-software, which had its own modem .