Keys in reports and grouping

Hi guys, Say you have a report based on table X and you need that report to group data by Field 1, Field 2, Field 3 and Field 4 in this order. Now obvioulsy the key that you will use must have these fields in it and in this order. Now say beside these fields you may also filter the records by Field 5, Field 6 and Field 7. My question is: how should the key for that report look like? First Fields 1-4, Fields 5-7 or Fields5-7 and then Fields 1-4 or it does not matter where Fields5-7 go ? Regards, Cristi

Hi! Well,… usualy you should put field5-7 to the end of key, unless there is a special need to put them somewhere else. regards Bostjan

Hi, The keys are defined according to the hierarchy of grouping required and not depend on the No. or Position of the field within the table. Example: Field No. Description 10. Company Code 9.Department Code 7. Section Code 3.Employee No. Irrespective of order of Field Nos your key can be defined by any sort of combination that you require(Eg…10,9,7,3,1,15,12…). Hope above info. helps. Regards

If you fields you are filtering on will give you only 1 type of result (i.e. filter on “document type” of order) then having that as the first part of the key is fine and will speed the report up. However, if it could result in 2 or more results, it will have a very bad effect on your report. Bill Benefiel Manager of Information Systems Overhead Door Company (317) 842-7444 ext 117