Keys enable/disable

Hi Specs: NF 2.0, NT 4.0 Server, Approx 60 users, Native database I have some performance problems regarding my Item Ledger Entry table. It has grown to the size > 3000000 Kb today - and is growing rapidly. I have an option to disable some keys, but I wan’t to make sure, that it won’t affect the system. We have a lot of keys in this table, and i’m certain that some of them are not in use. Is there a tool available, that can tell me which keys are in use (in forms, reports, codeunits etc)? Thanks Best Regards Mads Morre DK

You can use Navision Developers Toolkit

phew…hitted accidentaly on the post button:) 1. Export all object as Text; 2. Import them into a Navision Developers Toolkit database; 3. Use “Where Used” function on the key you want to check; Niki

Hi Nikola Thanks for your reply. I am just an ordinary user, though. That means that I don’t have access to a Navision Developer Kit. I hoped, that there was a small tool that could help with this. Regards Best Regards Mads Morre DK

No offence intended but if you are just an ordinary user then you should not be looking at messing about with the keys. Get in touch with your NSC and they should be able to help you out. Regards Adrian

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Hi Adrian No offence taken - but I am working with the keys (in tables report etc.). I just need a small tool to tell me whether the selected key are in use or not. Then I can decide to disable it (not delete it) or not. Regards Best Regards Mads Morre DK

Your NSC could provide you a list of all keys of the table, and where they are used. Then, as you decide, the un-used keys should get the property(?) “KeyGroups”; e.g. “ItemLedgerUnused” (the NSC could set this for you if you’re not licensed). After that, you can decide when to activate/deactivate the keys in “File\Database\Information\Tables\Keygroups”. Maybe that could help you a little … Regards, Jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP Edited by - stryk on 2002 Jun 19 15:07:10

Yep in that case the best solution is what Joerg suggested. Let your NSC create the Key Group so you can activate/deactivate keys on the fly.

Thanks for Your help everybody. I have contacted my NSC and asked if they could provide me with a list of keys (in specified) tables that are not in use. Regards Best Regards Mads Morre DK