Key never used in Table 112

Hello everybody. In order to improve performance I want to disable some keys in some tables, particulary all the keys that I know my customer will never use. I’m using Navision Developer’s Toolkit to see where exactly a key is used and I’ve noted that the key “Pre-Assigned No.” in table 112 is never used by the system…I have some doubts about this, so before disabling it I prefered to ask to this forum if anyone has some experience in this… Thanks in advance Marco

In order to improve performance it will most probably not help to disable that key if there are no values in the field. You can check how big the index is by selecting: File,Database,Information, Tables. Then select the table you want and click the Keys button. (This function is only available at the native database)

I’m working in SQL so disabling keys is quite important and I cannot see how much space is occupied by a key. Also the space occupied is not so important, but the time SQL uses to update the key during posting. Last…that field cannot be blank in the table. Thanks Marco

You can also turn off MaintainSQLIndex. That way SQL Server doesn’t maintain an index for the key, and your Navision objects will still work. Note that you can’t just turn off all your SQL Indexes, because you will have big performance problems. You can also create a SQL Index that is different from the Navision key, in case the Navision key uses non-selective fields, in which case SQL Server would never use the index anyway. Read all about it on the Navision tools CD. You’ll need to investigate each individual key to determine if it is used or not, and how it is used.