Key board OCX

hi guys, Does any one has done Key board OCX , i would like to use the Touch screen,that’s why i need Key board in Navision itself,Any suggestions or help will be appreciated. Thanks Mohan Babu

Since Navision (as I understand it) does not support visual OCX’s then you would have to do the keyboard as a separate program. What I do have is a little test program that you could expand. One form pops a second form with a series of buttons on it that represents a keyboard. It would be a LOT (and I mean LOT) of hassle to integrate it into everything in Navision because it puts code in all the OnBeforeInput triggers. But for a couple of key input screens it is doable. Anyway, have a play and see if it helps. (I hope this attachment works, if not, mail me! ). Cheers, John

Doesn’t seem to work. Said it didn’t like the file type, which was text! I’ll try again with a

Hi John, I have downloaded the Fob file,i will try to work on that.Thanks for the help. Mohan Babu