Keeping comment with posted Sales Order

Hi All, Just a quick question. For a customer I am trying to write some code that keeps the comment of a salea order. So after I posted the sales order, I still want to see the original comment. Any ideas? The customer is using Finincials 2.50 Thanks in advance! /Sven

Why not use the standard functionality that does this? Goto Sales & Receivables, Setup, Sales Setup. On the “General” tab in the right column you will find checkboxes that toggles copying of comments from orders to posted documents. Lars Strøm Valsted ------------------------- Why can’t programmers tell the difference between Christmas and Halloween? Because OCT(31) = DEC(25)

Oke, thanks, that one I should have know… But now we have that changes the status of the order to historie and puts some fields on zere. Then Navision can’t hold the comment, should I add the code that is used when posting an order (lines where the comment is copied)? /Sven

Its Copycommentlines function in codeunit 80 Sven !!! Lakshmi Valluru

Thanks very much, you can tell that I am fairly new to the subject, I appreciate the answers very much. /Sven

Hi, Anybody has tried this: In a P.O/S.O, you add a new BLOB field and store a file in it and when you Post the document it should store/move the file(in BLOB) field also to the Posted Table. (Assuming there’s a field created there too to hold the file). Regards

Hi Rahim, Yes, i tried it and it works. Lakshmi Valluru