Keep user setting after compile

I know the what the answer is ,

it can’t be done,

we can’t answer the old questions questions.

We should not post the same question…

But here is the solution.

-before importing or modifying the form. or report, take a note of the time of the old object EX.: 14:08:40.017
-import the form,
-run it, the settings are gone,
-change the the time with the saved time.
-the settings are back and the users are happy.

Compiling does not erase the settings it just looks for the time on the fin.zup.
The date does not change anything.

to test i modified an object at 09:10:00.203 and ran it with a setup.
modified it at 10:22:59.157 and used another setup

i just change the times to get the settings back.
This will work if the fin.zup is not erased.

by changing the times i can access my different setup.

I hope this can be usefull.