Keep track of purchase docs in original currency


I would like to ask if there is any way how to keep track of all purchase documents such as: prepayments, payments and invoices in their original currency.

When I post a prepayment.invoice, entries are posted in two G/L accounts:one that is linked(by V.P group) with vendor card(using original currency) and the other linked with a prepay.G/L account of balance sheet(using LCY).To keep track of what you prepay, pay and receive invoice you have to look up at both vendor card and G/l account which are in different currencies.Which takes time…

thanks in advance!

p.s i searched the forum, couldnt find any helpful post and we are using Nav5

Hello Soni,

in Standard NAV this is not possible. However, there is an Add-On which can help you accomplish this, it’s called Smart IT TransactionCurrency (SITC). This Add-On posts the original currency and amounts into the G/L and VAT ledgers. This is accomplished from all posting sources - General Journal, Purchase, Sales, Service. You can see the original amounts in the G/L balance sheet. The Add-On is currently in the testing process for Microsoft. For further information please contact me by mail.

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Hello soni,

take a look here:

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