Kan-Ban for Manufacturing

Anybody who have some tips how to work around this issue or the amount of development to do.

Hi, From my point of view the KAN-BAN Manufacturing is methodology or even philosophy. As common, company should make a lot of internal changes (including Shop-floor configuration, scanners, JIT purchasing and production…). Navision supports this very well. We did about 40 hours modifications to track Boxes through shop floor and make Auto-flashing based on the Box quantity. In general our modification supports multiple Boxes per Prod. Order and multiple Prod. Orders per one Box. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc. Edited by - valentin gvozdev on 2002 Feb 07 16:40:02

Thanks for your validt comments. What I need to show our prospect is how his kan-ban card will be supported by Navision.

Hi, This depends on environment but this can be one of the solutions: You can create Simulated PO per kan-ban card. When first work center receives kan-ban card they copy Simulated PO to the Released PO (You can make small modification that will automatically run Copy Production Order Document when user scan kan-ban card in special form). You should make small modification in this report that will copy Kan-Ban No. in the Search Description field, so they will be able to scan the kan-ban card in the output journal and consumption journal. You can setup Auto Flushing if it is suitable. Edited by - Valentin Gvozdev on 2002 Feb 08 04:10:16