Justification for not going negative with costing method "Average"


Can somebody give me an example what harm can be caused when we get into negative quantity with costing method average and continue with posting ?

and same what harm it can do(with an example) if i post less than 0 quantity from purchase order or sales order again with costing method average ?

Or in other words a very well explained GIGO costing method :slight_smile: This question is for version 4.0

I wanted some example, as i know this if u have some -ve quatity posted (except transfer shipment :slight_smile: ) with any cost the valuation report and the G/L will be in -ve. The posting of receipts and invoice should ne chronilogical and allow posting from and posting to also plays a big role. I told all this to my client but i am asked to give some more explaination, what example can i give to the client for this to prove the mess.