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What is the exact use of JumpRef Method? How it is interrelated with Goto MainTable option?

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Three way to achieve GotoMaintable concept in Axapta

  1. EDT Relations

  2. using JumpRef method

  3. FormRef property in Table

EDT Relations:

If you use an EDT in tables which have relation with some other table fileds, that time you can able to navigate the main table or main form.

FormRef Property:

Select the Table and go to properties and select the required form in the FormRef property.

JumpRef method:

If you are not having that option, simply write a override the JumpRef method in a field of DataSource or in a Form Control. Here i show you a sample jumpRef method code:

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In the name itself u can understand that “jumRef” means to “Jumping to the referenced table” of the particular id.

the below is code to jump to referenced purchase order when click purch id.

public void jumpRef()


PurchTable purch;

Args args;

MenuFunction menuFunction;

Common rec;



args = new Args();




// Create a new MenuFunction that launches the Reasons Menu Item

menuFunction = new MenuFunction(menuitemdisplaystr(PurchTable),MenuItemType::Display);



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