journals names

can i know the which vocher series select for creating journal name in gl->setup->journals ( i am using number series wizard)

Can you explain in detail what you want to achieve?


While creating No. Sequence using Wizard, on the Setup SectionYou can see which all No. Sequence is getting created with Module, Reference and format details. This details can also be seen in the Number Sequence tab of respective parameter.


actually i have confusion about which vocher series should i select (here if we select vocher series there are number of series avalable but which number series can i select)

See the number sequences can be created in two ways either automatically(using wizard) or manually.If you create it using wizard then all the number sequence and their name are suggested by the system but in case of manual creation you can provide the sequence and the name of series according to your ease.
So it is up to you that which way you choose.In order to identify a particular voucher series you can make your own on the following form and attach to the journal names form’s voucher series-

Basic->Setup->Number sequences->Number sequences form

iam using wizard in number series but i have confustion in GL----->setup---->journals------>journal names in creating journal name they asking vocher series in that somany number series are avalable exactly whcih number series should i select

The number sequence wizard creates new number sequences, but it does not create it for journal names. you are expected to create a new number series manually and attach to each new journal name that you create.