Journal upload using Excel

My customer requested to have a tool to create journals with around 10,000 lines by using AX instead of typing these journals manually.

A user should be presented with a dialog. The dialog should have the following parameters:

  1. File name – a selection to an excel file

2 . General Journal Name selection – type daily

3 . Offset account check box

  1. On OK – the system should created the journal based on the excel file. The system should support all standard AX functionalities i.e.

Account Types


Voucher generation


All mandatory fields


Excel template:

An Excel template should be used and should contain all the fields supported by the general journal form.


SysOperation framework or DIXF classes can be used to meet the requirement


A dialog should be created and should contain the following parameters:

  1. Excel path file name selection. The filename should be of type xls or xlsx

  2. The general journal names available in the system. Only daily journals should be loaded

  3. A tick box for the offset account – if ticked the system should create a journal with the offset account and offset account dimensions

General Journal

A journal header should be created based on the journal selected. The lines should be linked with this header

Journal Lines

The system should create the journal lines with all standard AX requirements. Important that all account types should be supported with all type of dimensions.

Voucher creation

The voucher number should be created based on the journal parameters. The system should support all standard AX voucher creation types.


The class should run the ‘Validate journal’ option after the journal lines are created. The validation should be successful.

Use contoso dimension setup. Dimensions supported

Business unit

Cost center


Item group


please help me on this. thanks in advance

First I would try to convince them to simply use DIXF directly. If they insisted, I would give them the dialog, but then I would just call DIXF.
By the way, I’m moving your question to the Developer forum.

Hi Martin ,
Thanks your reply .
can you share me how to do with DIXF this task . please provide steps then i will try my side .

Are you familiar with DIXF? If not, I can give you a link to the user guide.
If you’re, what exactly is the problem? Explaining it all what you already know would be a waste of time, and I don’t know what’s the part you’re struggling with.