Journal Register-Invoice Number ??

I’m working with Report 10019 Journal Register and our A/P clerk wants to see the original invoice tied to the payment. Is there anyway to link table 17 G/L entry with table 25 Vendor Ledger Entry. When I look at the Vendor Ledger Entry it has either Payment or Invoice and no way to link them together to see what Invoice went with what Payment. I seem to be spinning my wheels looking into this.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Greg,

I don’t have the report in question but here the background. From the G/L entry you should be able to find the Vendor Ledger entry for the payment (use the document no or the transaction no.). The next task is to find the applied entries. You will need to use the detailed vendor ledger entries for this - look at the code in the applied vendor entries form 62.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Dave.

After looking at it - Form goes from Invoice to Payment and I’m looking for the reverse. Payment to Invoice. Maybe it’s pretty much the same logic… Navision never makes it easy… All those fields and you never have the one you want…


Hi Greg,

If it was easy, they wouldn’t call it work [:D]

It should work the other way around - go to the vendor ledger entry and select an invoice - then select Entry → Applied Entry it give the payment. Use the same code are you laughing

No I’m not laughing… Would it be too hard for Navision to put the Invoice number on the actual payment instead of looping thru all the records to find the applied entry…

Thanks Dave…

Hi Greg,

The problem there is that a payment may be put against multiple invoice and also with partial payment you can have multiple payment against one invoice. I afraid your stuck with looping.