Journal Posting No Series

Hi All, I have a question please help me.

Why is it that when I post a Journal, like General Journal, it allow NAV to post even the document No is already used.

That s why our management is confused when viewing a report Example, User 1, 2, 3 has e record of Posted Document No. 111.

Did you assign No. Series to Gen. Journal Batch?

You can avoid above scenario by assigning No. Series…

as per our user they assign no series. In case they forgot is it normal in NAV that it will allow same document number for a journal to be posted?

Also, all user is using same No series JV01 to JV999999999 for all batch

Yes, it allows to post with duplicate Document No.'s

Can’t you use posting no. series ?

Th problem with posting no series is Before posting the journal they need to print the Journal voucher, when they post it the posted number is different on the document number in the unposted journal depending on who posted first., they cant track it anymore a specific document since posted number is different from the printed document no.

User id is saved in the GL entry table ,so you can print the voucher after wards and you will know who has posted the voucher.

If you require who has created the voucher then you need some customization.

Actually this is their Scenario

  1. User will create the Journal

  2. Print Customer Journal Voucher> Forward to supervisor for checking and signing voucher for approval

  3. The signed Voucher will be kept in a file cabinet, this will be the supporting hard copy for the transaction, proof that the supervisor has approved the posting

  4. User will post.

Now the problem is when there is an issue, the will look the document in the file and if the document number is different they cannot track the document

Why not automate the process of authorized ?

When user create the voucher send it for approval to supervisor.

Once Approved user will post the same.

That is what we suggest, but the approver/owner is an old and conservative businessman. He want manual approval, he still believe on hardcopy backup in case of system failure. He live the use of the system to employees but the approval are all still manual.

If hardcopy catches fire then ? [:|]

If it is really impossible for them not to allow duplicate posting no. Is there a way we can set a warning message like document no is already in used? so they will be warned? how can we do it?

If there is a No.Series set up, Navision does NOT allow to post duplicate Nos, it asks for the next consecutive number:

(tested in 2009 R2 W1, but Navision behaves this way as far as I can remember, that is, from v3.xx)

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

Document No. must be G01004 in Gen. Journal Line Journal Template Name=‘SALES’,Journal Batch Name=‘DEFAULT’,Line No.=‘10000’.


I just created to different test Batches with the same NoSeries, created 2 lines in each, auto-assigned numbers really were the same in both Batches, but after posting first Batch, the second Navision did not allow me to post with the warning msg above.

This does not solve your problem with different Nos in printout and later posted entries, but there should NOT be duplicates…

Why not create different batches for every user if possible.

As to what I remember is if a user created a voucher it stays there and when another user creates second voucher the no. gets increment.

But if the first user posts the whole lines then every thing gets posted, which can be solved by filtering on the doc no. which the user has created.