Journal Posting Error

Hi All

while selecting the Departmant and cost center in General journal line giving th efollowing Error:

Stack trace: The company does not exist.

(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\Dimensions\Methods\buildSelectable - line 25
(S)\Data Dictionary\Tables\Dimensions\Methods\buildSelectableServer - line 11
(C)\Forms\DimensionsLookup\Methods\buildSelectable - line 7
(C)\Forms\DimensionsLookup\Methods\useDimSetHiearchyLookup - line 98
(C)\Forms\DimensionsLookup\Methods\run - line 47

please help


Get a developer to debug looks like a modification impact to me

all other journals are working fine only this journal creating problem.

Can u suggest some thing that i check at my end.


Yes, check the code, get a developer to debug it. It is a stack trace error, it is not an infolog or warning.

Hi Mr.Imran,

I think you set the offset account for the JV and offset company returning empty/wrong value.

You can check returning values of the company/offset company and account/offset account from each classes.

Our client faced same problem and we found that it was due to class calling a method with empty offset company account from one lookup(dimensions) class.

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problem due the dimension only check you financial dimension related to chat of account which may effect with this journal

None of these should call a stack trace error, debugging will highlight the issue with the code, I would bet it is a development!