Journal Post

Hello, The problem is that , when we create payment Journal (Journals=>Payment=>Payment Journal=>Line Button) when we post the journal on any module no message/error is display about posting means the journal is posted or not, nothing is happen. second thing Purchase Order, Sales Order also not post but why? Please any one help me…

So you are not getting the info after posting process. Have you tried with resetting usage data?

Does it post or is it just no message? You do not need a message for this, check the posting.

Yes. I am not getting the info or any message after posting in all module in AX 2009. But Why? Any journal, PO,SO does not post. Please help me…

Hi, I need not be any message for this and i am already check the posting. If we click on the post button on any form then the order or journal is not post

If you are not seeing any info after posting, then check the Infolog Detail Level in user options(Tools).

None will not display any information.