Journal Lines- Overview Grid- Automatic copy - paste of Dim Values


On the Journal lines while on the over view Tab, I have added the Dimension fields over there.

Now suppose i am creating the first line as

Date Voucher No. Acc Type Account Debit DEPT COST CENTRE PURPOSE

09-12-12 V001 Ledger 11001 1,00.00 ADM PAYROLL P01

While i move to the 2nd line System shoudl automatically fillup the Dimension on the 2nd line with those values on the

previous line. This saves time, where i will have numerous lines and where the Dimensions are going to be the same.


Try it in validateWrite method.

This can be solved by making filters on dimension value and dimensions code from running in journal lines, and put the dimension value and code in the primary key fields so that it automatically takes the value

You can assign the dimensions to the journal header, so they be picked by default, but they can be overriden with the dimensions attached to the account values of the respective journal lines.

Dear Kannan/Sai Ram/Kranthi,

Thanks for the reply

Coming to the points mentioned by Sai and Kannan, I think one among you can consolidate both of your ideas and suggest me how to do this by a code change, that will be great.

dear Kranthi,

I understood what you suggested, but my issue is i cannot use the defualt which i will specify in the ledger template, becuase for each journal it will be different

My requirement is :

What ever dimensions i had put on the 1st line should automatically flow to the next line when press the Down arrow (or click on the new button to insert a new line)

Hope it is clear



You can find the firstonly(order by recId) record of ledgerJournalTrans by using a simple select statement and push the dimension values to the newly created record in the create event. You should also consider the other events where there are chances of modifying the pushed dimensions, like modification of Account and Offset Accounts.

For each journal header you can select the dimensions, which will effect only that journal lines.

Dear Kranthi,

Thanks for this very simple solution; this is OK

In fact i did not think deeper, otherwise i need not have raised this post at all

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just give it in initform or init value method