Journal lines button are not viewed in fixed asset custom rules (AX 2013 R3), although it is choose in the privilege

Dear All,

I created a custom rule for a fixed asset that can create fixed asset journal, view journal line, add and delete lines from this journal. I then associated a duty, privilege to this custom rule. then I edited this privilege from within the system user interface and chosen the needed permissions including creating & deleting journals, accessing journal lines, add and delete lines, however when login with a user associated with this journal I can create and delete journals but the lines and validate buttons are not there although I choose the create and validate journals permissions.

attached is a screenshot of the privileges

Have you added \Menu Items\Display\LedgerJournalTransAsset?

Thank you man it worked pretty well, but how to guess such menu item, I have already added the fields from with System and it should have added required permissions based ob UI Choices. is there a straight forward way rather than trial and error.

Look at the menu item related to the journal lines.

Thank you. I got it