Journal Lines are not getting displayed in apart from DAT legal entiry

Hi All,

Today Im facing typical issue,I have code to create general journal from a job.I am working on two legal entity one is DAT and another one is my own legal entity.Whenever i excute the job in DAT leagal entity what ever values I have given in job gets populated into ledger journal trans .But If I execute the same job in my own legal entity values are inserted table level but not getting displayed in Ledger journal trans.

Can any one help me out to fix this issue.

It likely means that you have some invalid references in your data. When AX tries to join the tables, there is not valid result.

Thanks you very much Martin for the reply.

Martin i tried with below code

AxLedgerJournalTable journalTable;

AxLedgerJournalTrans journalTrans;

container accEntryPattern;

container offSetEntryPattern;


journalTable = new AxLedgerJournalTable();

journalTrans = new AxLedgerJournalTrans();

//Journal Name

journalTable.parmJournalName(“Journal Name”);;




//LedgerDimension => Ledgeraccount, DAX 2009

accEntryPattern = [“113000”, “113000”, 0];



//OffsetLedgerDimension => OffsetLedgerAccount, DAX 2009

offSetEntryPattern = [“132000”, “132000”, 0];

journalTrans.parmOffsetAccountType(LedgerJournalACType:: Ledger );

journalTrans.parmOffsetLedgerDimension(AxdDimensionUtil::getLedgerAccountId( offSetEntryPattern));;

info(strFmt(“Journal %1 created”, journalTable.ledgerJournalTable().JournalNum));

Issue is if I run this code in dat legal entity,journal is getting created with values in Journal lines.But If I run the same code in New legal entity journal is getting created but values are not displayed in Journal lines form.

Can you please help me whether its problem with code or legal entity setup.

try to use crossCompany

its not any issue with the code

as you have different journal name in different entity and different account num in different legal entity

it should match then only you can create journal num in both the legal entity


Hi RG,

Thanks for your reply.Whenever I run the code in different legal entity.I’ll change the corresponding journal name and Account no.So its not issue with Journal name and Account name.

can you tell me what the error is coming while running the code

as i find running fine on my system and it also creating the journal no too

Hi RG,

There is no error while creating journal.Issue is values are not displaying in jounal lines form but in talbe level values are getting inserted.

Scenario is

I have two legal entity.

In dat legal entity values are displayed in Journal lines form

In new legal entity values are not displayed in journal lines form

Note:In new legal entity all the intial setup is done.

Can anybody help me out with this issue.

Hi Karthik,

I used your code and i am able to create a new journal line. I have no issues. but in your case i hope some setup/referential relation is missing. please check your new legal entity setup.

Thanks & Regards,

Raman Kutala.

Hi Raman,

Thank you very much for the reply,can you suggest what type of setup/releation may be missing while legal entity setup process.

Hi All,

As said in previous post there is no problem with code.But whenver I create new legal entity and run the code, journal lines values are not populating .Below I have given the steps I followed to create legal entity

Step 1:In organization administration I have created a new legal entity called test.

Step 2:Logged in to particalar legal entity and generated number sequence

Step 3: In General Legger I have configured new chart of accounts and account structure and mapped correponding chart of accounts in ledger form along with fiscal calendar and accounting currency.

With this setup values are not populating in new legal entity Test,but with same setup in dat legal entity values populating.

Can any one help me out with this issue.

If values are not inserted to database, debug the code in debugger. If they are in database but not shown in a particular form, analyze joins and ranges there, because one of them is filtering your data out.

Hi Martin,

Thank you very much for the reply martin,as you said in Ledgerjournaltrans daily form there is datasource called LedgerJournalTransTaxExtensionIN which is having join data source has ledger journal trans.

When I removed that join data source, values are getting displayed in form level.

Since there is no appropriate data in that particular table values where not displayed.

Thanks all for the reponse.