Joker := VOID ?????

I compiled a codeunit with a specific syntax error and got one weird error message: Here is the offending code i := i + 1; StatusWindow.UPDATE(1, StatusWindow.UPDATE(6,ROUND((i / TotalCust)*10000,1)); UNTIL Customer.NEXT = 0; StatusWindow.CLOSE; Obviously, I did not finish the first StatusWindow.UPDATE statement so apparently it wanted to make the next StatusWindow.Update statement a parameter of the first one. Here is the error message I received: Type conversion is not possible because 1 of the contains an invalid type. JOKER := VOID Pretty strange, huh? I wish I could have uploaded the bitmap, but it was not working

Well, the * is a joker, isn’t it? Pelle

Hi, Try to find JOKER word in Fin.stx file.

The massage is not so strange after all. StatusWindow.update(6…) returns no value by design, hence the VOID. StatusWindow.update(1…) expects one or two parameters, hence the JOKER.