Joke - on one condition.....

That if you like it, you send me your CV :slight_smile:

A lady sadly looser her husband to illness after a long and happy marriage.

2 years pass by and she is having lunch with her daughter. The daughter takes hold of her mothers hand and says " Mum…It’s been 2 years now, I am sure no one will blame you for wanting another man in your life - and I know someone who would like to ask you for a date "

After a short while, the lady agrees to allow her daughter to arrange the blind date.

It goes very well and after a short courtship, the lady agrees to spend a weekend in a hotel with the man.

On their first night together, the man is eagerly awaiting the lady as he sits on the bed. The lady emerges from the bathroom naked but for some black panties. She explains , " I will join you in bed but I will keep my black panties on as I am still in mourning for my late husband".

The man is understanding although a little frustrated.

The next night, the same thing happens.

On the third night, the lady emerges from the bathroom in her black panties only to see the man standing before her wearing a black condom.

“Whats this?” asks the lady…

the man replies “I want to offer you my deepest sympathies” . :slight_smile: