Joining Tables


I am trying to make a report, i want CustVendExternalItem.ExternalItemId field to be in the report. to make this i must write a method in CustInvoiceTrans.

So, how can i get CustVendExternalItem.ExternalItemId field by joining CustVendExternalItem, CustInvoiceTrans and CustInvoiceJour



Firstly just wanted to cross check that you are talking about NAV and about Ax or other product, because the terms you are using are not applicable for NAV but you have posted in NAV thread…

Are you trying it in NAV?

i am sorry i did not pay attention, i am trying in ax.

So, all thread moved to Axapta forum. Moderator.

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You can write a display method in the report. Please look in developers guide for more info.