Joining table in forms datasource to multiple tables

Hello everyone,

I’ve created a new table PlannerCodeRelations with 3 fields. Planner Code, Item ID, and Site ID.

In the table I put 2 entries

Item 123456, Site 3, Planner Code 350

Item 123456, Site 7, Planner Code 750

Now I want to adjust the Planner Order Form (ReqTransPO)

I put PlannerCodeRelations in the datasource of the form and added Planner Code to the form details

The problem is I need it linked to Item AND site so it knows which planner code to show.

How do I do that?

Where do you want to show the planner code? In pegging tab?

Just under General is fine in the Planned order tab. For some reason this works. I just made it an OuterJoin and it works correctly but I feel like it shouldn’t. I’m not trying to do the same on the ProdBom form. I put my table in and link it to ProdBOM outer join which then duplicates the items 123456 showing both planner codes even though the site for this item on this ProdBOM is site 3. I need to tell my table to connect to both item and site…