Join the Dynamics Freelancers Group

As you might know then before starting working for end-users I worked as a freelancers for several years. And I know that many of the most active members here on are also working as freelancers. And being a freelancer in the Dynamics world isn’t always easy. Compared to freelancers working with other Microsoft applications, then it’s almost impossible for Dynamics NAV/AX freelancers to be acknowledged by Microsoft and get access to development licenses and support etc.

David Singleton and I have previously tried to organize freelancers into a more structured group, but we also had to realize that most freelancers are freelancers because they just love to be free. Free from anyone or anything trying to limit their actions.

But I still think that we could use such a group, although in a much more free fashion. So there we have started the Dynamics Freelancers as a closed group for Dynamics professionals working as freelancers having primary focus on the products from Microsoft Dynamics. Become a member of the group to share your experiences as a freelancers, discuss rates, how to find customers etc.

To become a member you must be recommended by other members of the group and approved by the group managers.

If you like to come into considerations then please send me a message (using Conversations from this site, not an email). Write how long time you have worked with the Dynamics products, how long you have been freelancing, what services you provide. Also please mention your last three assignments, including duration and services. If you have registered a company and have employees or you’re actually working for a company and they send you out on “freelance assignments” then you do not qualify to become a member.