Join several files in a mail

Hello How to join several files in a mail with the codeunit 397 of version 3.7 of navision. I use the function mail.NewMessage(‘’,’’,‘TEST SUJET’,‘TEST CORP’,file,TRUE) with file = ‘c:\tmp\110150.pdf’; but i want send a second file. Thank you DAGOIS Anthony - FRANCE

Try the following link, there you find code examples. You could implement this either in CU397 or create your own. There is no way to do this with the simple mapi.

[V] Yes but i must use outlook express. [V] and it’s probably for outlook.

I would definitly give it a try !!! I mean it is not using the msmapi32.ocx provided by Navision. And as it is called Microsoft MAPI Messages Control, version 6.0 & Microsoft MAPI Session Control, version 6.0 this should not care if you are using Outlook or Outlook Express or some othe MAPI compliant email program. It is just using your “Standard Mail client”.

Thank you for your help. It’s ok.