Join fdb datebase parts to one large db

Hi all

in our company we using Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 application with 2 database levels-Company and POS

all POS hdd partitions were formated as fat32 and only few days ago i`ve converted it to more “modern” ntfs.

As we know, FAT 32 can support maximum 4gb files , so i had to add up to 4 pieces with 4 gb size.

as i mentioned above,now it`s NTFS and i can have databases as large as needed with one piece.

So , i am asking you about databases i`ve already created when file system was FAT

Is it possible to join pieces to one , larger database? i mean join pieces in one POS, not all of them with each other.

Hi ,

How about backup and restore to a one file fdb ? [:)]


How? Explain please if possible. :slight_smile: