John Tegelaar

Hi, is your e-mail down ? sent twice e-mail; kicked-back. Rgds Johannes Cohen

Sorry. Updated my profile and made a mistake in the e-mail address. Should be fine again now. But, without offending you, before asking “private” questions, please do have a look at the discussion in the NOLUG section of this forum :slight_smile: John

hello John, thanks for reply, no private questions. having problems with consolidation. if you have experience with this… cannot consolidate closing date …C123100 need to consolidate 6 business units …don’t want to use excel anymore… any help appreiated…or reference…

Johannes, No personal experience with consolidation (that’s the nice thing with Navision - there will always remain something to learn more about), so perhaps I’m wrong completely, but I believe it’s not allowed to use a Closing date as range here. Did you try to use just 31-12-00? John