Jobs - setting up planning lines and posting in job journals, a couple of scenarios


I am having a bit of trouble with the jobs planning lines and posting to the job journal, and I was looking for a bit of help. I will set up a couple of scenarios where I am uncertain on how to post (i.e. what line type to use), so please help me out (I have read the course book on jobs but still a bit unsure).

  1. Fixed pricing.

a. Say I have a fixed price for a customer/job of 80 hrs. So I put that as Contract in the planning lines. Say I actually spend only 50 hours on this, then I put 50 hrs in my job journal with posting Schedule or Blank as line type?

b. Does it make a difference if I want to see how good I am at scheduling my work? What if I thought that it would take 70 hrs to complete. It is useful information that it actually only took 50 hrs. Should I rather have put in the planning lines 80 hrs as contract, 70 hrs as schedule, and then 50 hrs as blank in the job journal?

  1. Bill by the hour.

a. I estimate that the job will take 10 hrs and that I will charge this to the customer. In reality it later takes 12 hours and I want to invoice all the 12 hours to the customer. Do I first put 10 as Contract and Schedule in the planning lines and then in the job journal I put 12 hours as Blank or should I have no planning lines at all and post Contract+Schedule in the jobs journal? How can I then follow up on my ability to plan my time (i.e. that I thought it took 10 hrs but it really took 12)?

b. What if I estimate that it will take 10 hrs but I do it in 5 hrs (and only bill for 5 hrs)?

Thank you all for helping me out with this one. I am a bit confused.