Jobs & Resources Training materials


I would appriciate, if you will help me to find training documentation about “JOBS” and “RESOURCES” for Navision 5.0?

If it is not a large file, please ZIP or RAR the files and send to my e-mail (removed by admin)

Thank you very much!


Did you check on CustomerSource? I’m sure you find an eTraining course about Jobs and Resources.


Did you check on CustomerSource? I’m sure you find an eTraining course about Jobs and Resources.

Well, I’ve tried but without success.

If you could show the link I would be very grateful.

Thanks for advice.

The link to customer source is here:

Hi Eric,

I guess this documentation is really on a partnersource but for some reason I can’t access to the source though I am associated with partner company of Microoft in my country. Nevertheless, when I try to accesses partersource following your link the message appears that my ID is not asociated with Microsoft partner company. Who has any idead what could be an obstacle in my case?

The picture below is a prove:

You need to contact your colleague who is responsible in setting up accounts @ PartnerSource - actually, linking your LiveID with company.

Were you able to connect previously? Besides, your company PS Administrator can allow/restrict each employee to different parts of PS, maybe he hasn’t given you access rights.

It seems you are right Ivan. I found that in the tab “priviliges” in my profile all the check mark fields are empty (software download, view keys, view licence statement, training administrator). It looks like I was restricted in everything. It doesn’t make sence why did they verified my Live ID and helped to associate my account with a company? What rights should I ask the administrator to assign as allowed in my profile to be able to download from the link which Eric posted earlier?

P.S. I needed some documentation about training in Navision 5.0 (Finance II and Jobs&Resources) to get prepared for certification test.

Cant quote for you the exact roles - don’t know them by heart :slight_smile: Check yourself together with your admin.

BTW, as Partner you will have limited access to Training materials, if you are not a Training partner - you will have to buy them.

However, Customer with active Maintenance plan has access to CustomerSource and all Training materials for free - well, for the yearly Maintenance fee.