Jobs on Sales Orders

Another question concerning jobs/Sales: Does anybody know of any problem that may occur when you attach a job no. on a sales order? This is “forbidden” in the standard Navision by CodeUnit 80. After disabling the “SalesLine.TESTFIELD(“Job No.”,’’)” in CU 80, it runs. So: May I run into trouble somewhere else?

There should not be any other problem - perhaps antoher TESTFIELD somewhere else. The field is tested only if “NOT (“Document Type” IN [“Document Type”::Invoice,“Document Type”::“Credit Memo”])”. Standard Navision does not work with jobs on e.g. Orders. At my company we have used orders and jobs for several years now - no problems!

I put this Question to Navision some years ago. (It was regarding ver 3.04, so quite a few years ago.) The answer was interesting. Basically we are talking about the line of code in CU80 that prevents orders posting with a Job No. The logic that was sold (or at least an attempt was made to sell) to me, was that Navision’s Job Module has a budgeting tool, i.e. Job budgets, a sales order is also a budget of sorts, in that I am budgeting that I will ship and invoice the items and services on this order. So if I have a sales order attached to a job, then I could in fact be budgeting for the same Item or service twice. Of course back then in the os/2 or dos days, and even now with 3.60 there is no real interconnection between Jobs and inventory. (You can not reserve inventory against a Job, MRP and ATP do not use it, so what was the arguement. … Well there was at one time a plan (I think it was even a project with a name and a person assigned) to actually make Jobs work with the rest of Navision. In that case, it would be necessary to ensure that Jobs and Sales Orders did not clash. So it seems the line of code was added way back (probably in version 3.01 dos not windows!) to get ready for the next version. I did get the feeling though, even back then that it was a very simple and inoccuous piece of code, and thus future developers believed it to be important, and no one was willing to just delete the line. So … that was about 10 years ago, and still Jobs have not changed one bit, so I have removed the line from just about every client I have had that has jobs, and have not seen any problems. PS: actually Jobs has changed slightly since the DOS version… they have added dimensions.

Thank you very much!

you are welcome…