Jobs Granule

Hi All, How good is Navision (base version 3.60) in handling “project management”. Are the Jobs and Resources granules good enough to support the project management functionality. Or do we need to go for Add-Ons or integrate with MS Project. Awaiting your views in this regard Regards Jyothi Mohan

For Projects, try axapta, it is a sure shot winner. The functionalities are very good. Regards, Anuj

Jyothi, U need rather apply the simplicity approach. First be sure what do we mean by project management? 1) Long term mannufacturing and Project are different.Make sure yours is not a long term one.Long term manufacturing with little product configuration requirements can be taken care of. 2) It is difficult for Navision to provide exact projects management where: a) Each and every product is different. b) Final Product configurator is required. Exactly speaking, You should try to show a fully functional demo taking their exact requirements even before quoting and than go ahead. I have tried Jobs and Resources and they can be used.Provided you have a strong functional consultant to explain the utility in terms of client data. Regards, DD

Hi DD and Anuj, Thanks for the postings, I was talking in terms of projects, say like construction. In construction, each project is unique by itself, I was thinking if Navision can be applied in such a scenario. Regards Jyothi Mohan

HI Jyothi, Have you tried the jobs and resources granule for the construction industry or did you try something else.