Jobs - completely integrated into Attain?

Has anyone modified Attain so that jobs are well integrated in the following manner: - Job can be created as quote and sales order - Job items can automatically be requisitioned (standard Navision) - Job items can be reserved (again: using standard Navision) - Jobs can be part shipped (incl delivery notes printed!) Thanks for any suggestions.

You might check the features of ProjectPro from WilComp, a US NSC. Their address is I don’t know that they have just the features you want but they do provide a much more full featured Navision Job / Project Management functionality.

The subject of Jobs is actually quite interesting - many companies in the UK work with Job costing / project costing systems, and we have lost many sales due to the fact that Navision Jobs does not fully integrate with the rest of the system. When we bring this up with Navision in the UK, they say that Job costing is a UK requirement and is not an issue in the rest of europe. As far a I know, Navision have no plans at all to progress development in this area of the product.

There is an add-on availabe called Job Manager by Cost Control Software. Contact Rick Baxter @ to discuss your specific needs.